Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ronald Firbank and six other writers deprecated by unimaginative people

As trailed a few weeks ago, I am delighted to announce the publication of a new catalogue "Ronald Firbank and six other writers deprecated by unimaginative people. One hundred items from the collection of Robert Scoble."

The catalogue is made up of half items by and about Ronald Firbank, and for the rest divided into sections on Simon Raven, Roger Peyrefitte, Montague Summers, Lord Berners and Gerald Hamilton.

You can view the full, illustrated catalogue online here:

Members of my mailing list have had access to the catalogue for about a week and so a good number of the items have already sold but there is still plenty of exciting and intriguing material left now on public sale. Details of how to order if anything catches your fancy can be found within the catalogue.

Printed copies of the catalogue, of which there are only 40, each numbered and signed by both collector and bookseller, can also be ordered for £20 plus postage; please email for details.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

William Stobbs illustrates Summer Visitors by William Mayne

William Stobbs has appeared once before on this blog and elicited at the time a number of appreciative comments from people who knew either him or his work. He's been one of my favourite illustrators since discovering the book Gianni and the Ogre that I originally blogged in 2009. So it was a delight to discover that he also illustrated a book by my current favourite author, William Mayne: Summer Visitors. Stobbs illustrations for this one are a little less stylized than for the orgre book but nonetheless they are just so assured and fine whether illustrating figures or landscapes there is an exquisite use of black line and white space, there is a real sense of the neo-romantic about his landscape work in particular. Above all you can tell that here is someone who genuinely understood the process involved in getting his artwork into print because these images zing from the page even on soft, not particularly good quality paper. He was a real master of his craft and deserves to be better known. The book, I am afraid, is one of the Mayne titles that I have on the shelf to read but not yet...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Young Couple by Johannes Hansen

In these days of the Internet and the Google image search, it is easy to assume that all the thousands of works of art in thousands of museums and galleries round the world can be brought to the screen in a hi-res full-colour image in a moment of seconds. But it's not true. It is why I sometimes pick up black and white photographs like this one because you just can't assume that it will be on the Internet when you get home from the antique shop or car boot sale or whatever...

Sure enough, this stunning and quite large format photograph was produced by the State Art Museum in Copenhagen and depicts a beautiful work by Danish sculptor Johannes Hansen which I can't find illustrated anywhere else on the net.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Latest Vintage Photos

As ever when the postman brings a few more vintage photos for  the collection, I like to make sure they are shared here for you all.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Unknown Illustrator: Lorna Thomas

I was delighted to acquire these two original illustrations by someone called Lorna Thomas. Clearly they are for a book telling Celtic myths and legends but I can find no record of such a book nor of any of Ms Thomas's work on other titles: which seems odd seeing as just from the evidence of these two alone, she was clearly a talented illustrator at a professional standard. Perhaps she married and changed her name. The two images are actually on the same sheet of parchment paper but were two large to scan together. 

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